The Gramophone Doctor

Gramophone Doctor – Next Generation

I, Brian Nix, have taken over for my Dad, Bob Nix, as The Gramophone Doctor. From a young age I have been immersed into antiques: cars, collectibles, and record players. Many years ago when my Dad was getting established in repairing, buying and selling phonographs I remember helping him bring home a Victrola XVIII and saying “you’re not selling that one!”. I could tell it was a keeper. Indeed, my Dad kept it and it is now mine to enjoy. In 2018 I took interest in following in my Dad’s footsteps. Life was always too busy before. In 2016 my parents moved, I bought their house and his shop was then in my basement. I guess you can say it fell into my lap. In 2019 my Dad was diagnosed with cancer and I started to take over completely. He passed away in spring 2021. I was glad to have the time to work with him and learn what I could. Although I work full time I do what I can in my spare time. My goal is to provide the same quality of repairs and customer service that my Dad has always provided and to keep these cranky machines running for the Next Generation.

gramophone doctor

Bob Nix a.k.a. “Dr. Bob”

In 1996, my Dad, Bob Nix, started to buy, sell, repair and refinish all makes of spring-driven phonographs. My Dad’s interest began when he was a boy. Tucked away in a dusty corner of the attic, he noticed an old Gramophone with a horn on it and took to liking it right away. His Dad caught him admiring it and said, “Son, that Gramophone used to be your Grandfather’s and it was passed on to me and some day it will be yours.” In 1966, my Dad moved to Sarnia, Ontario. He begged his Dad to give him the old Gramophone and he reluctantly agreed. My Dad cleaned the many years of dust and dirt from it, gave it a few drops of oil and presto, it played music perfectly. The machine he inherited is a Canadian Berliner Gramophone, Type B, patented February 24, 1897, made in Montreal, Quebec. It is in perfect condition and it even has the special wooden box to keep the reproducer in. This Gramophone has since been passed on to me and already has my son’s name on it.

gramophone doctor

The Canadian Berliner Gramophone originally of Elmer Nix’s (my great grandfather) and passed down to Bruce Nix (my grandfather), Robert Nix (my Dad), Brian Nix (myself) and someday to Kyle Nix (my son).