If it’s broke, Brian Nix will Fix!

Brian Nix, has more than 125 feet of phonograph and gramophone parts!

Brian Nix has more than 100 spring driven Gramophone and Phonograph Motors!

  • Motors are disassembled, cleaned in the 20 gallon parts bath, inspected for damage, springs repaired and assembled;
  • Most broken springs are repaired whether broken at the outer or inner end;
  • New springs are installed should you need one;
  • Stock room has most motor parts;
  • Over 100 motors in stock;
  • Edison Diamond Disc motors and parts;
  • Replace worn gears.

Dr. Brian has over 80 Reproducers and Tone Arms

  • Rebuild reproducers with new mica, gaskets and balance springs if needed;
  • Rebuild exhibition and Victrola no. 2 reproducers;
  • Centre screw waxed like original;
  • Repairs to most broken tone arm brackets;
  • Floating reproducers repaired;
  • Sapphire and diamond needles installed;
  • Miscellaneous parts.

Brian Nix’s work shop has all the parts to fix what’s ailing your vintage phonograph or gramophone


  • Rebuild or repair governors as needed;
  • Bearing ends are repaired if broken off;
  • All size governor springs and weights on hand.

Turntables and Cranks

  • 80 Turntables;
  • 80 Cranks – male and female.

The Gramophone Doctor’s assistant, John Wright

John has been a long time friend and lives 10 minutes from him. He’s the man with all the tools and knows how to use them. Brian hires him for the following jobs:

  • To do work on his metal lathe;
  • Press off and install worn gears;
  • Make parts that are not available;
  • Repair gears that have come loose from the shaft.

Darren Wallace is another great friend of Brian Nix and also a member of the Canadian Antique Phonograph Society.

He is a machinist by trade and also knows how to use the tools. Darren specializes in music box repairs. Brian hires him for the following jobs:

  • Make gears;
  • Cut special threads for feed screws, etc.;
  • Make almost any part if there is a pattern;
  • Make a new part look old by aging the parts.